The Ritual of Becoming (also: a secret)


In this museletter: I launch a ‘pop-up newsletter’ to gird us for the Solstice (and essentially give away The ‘Choose One Word’ Ritual of Becoming for free). I also share ~a secret message~ with The Mythical Coterie of the Fox.

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»—> We have ~25 days until The Next Solstice (June 21st).

Since our last Solstice (December 22nd) we’ve had raging fires, floods and plagues. Our mettle has been tested, and many more of us have sensed just how fragile our world-system is. And, by the same token, just how antifragile our local communities can be.

Whilst many of us understandably cannot wait to get back to work—I know there’s a growing number of us who are less than thrilled by the notion of ‘returning to normal’.

My hope is that, in this odd time of shelter, at least some of us may have had an extended moment to contemplate where we are in life, wtf we are doing, the role we play in society, and—if not who we are, then—who we might want to become.

Side note: I’m also aware that this is a time of incredible disruption for many folks. Many of my friends are facing worlds of cancelled gigs and forced redundancies. Some are even losing family members to the Rona. There’s an immense crappiness to this—but also, in the darkness of the muck—a totally optional opportunity to somehow grow from it.

Self-development is tricky in this age of bullshit capitalism and endless distraction. But if you’re contemplating what your next move in life might be—if you seeking a renewed sense of meaning and mattering in life—then, well: this might be of interest to you.

From now until the end of July—in celebration of our imminent Solstice (a turning point for you?)—the dangerlam and I are giving away The ‘Choose One Word’ Ritual of Becoming for free. It’s a precursor to what will be The Character Handbook—‘A Post-Authentic Guide to Roleplaying Life’.

The Ritual of Becoming will eventually end up behind a paywall again—but, for the next little while, it’s completely free for all who sign up. (~˘▾˘)~

Sign up to The Character Handbook

You can learn more about The Character Handbook and Ritual of Becoming, and also peruse the rather comprehensive Table of Contents. So far I have managed to upload a few of the lessons, along with a letter to the OG ‘One Word’ crew.

» A Quest Beckons ∆
» Pick a Path—3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks ∆
» Bonini’s Paradox and Useful Delusions ‡
» Why Midlife Crises are happening Sooner and More Often ‡

And—as you can see—there’s plenty more to come.
New lessons will be added in an almost bi-daily-ish fashion.

Made with at least 4 kinds of people in mind…


You’ve been working solidly for some time now—doing what needs to be done to build a life and support those around you. But your work has lost its charm, and it feels like you have been busy since forever. You don’t know who you even are outside of the context of work. A new quest beckons—but it’s difficult to heed the call to adventure, because you’re so busy. The Ritual of Becoming will help you liberate yourself from this narrative.


Life has dealt you a difficult hand. The death of someone close to you, disaster, divorce, displacement or a similar-such calamity has befallen you—and this is enough to trigger an existential crisis in anyone. On the surface you’re doing fine, but it now feels as though you are an imposter to your own life. You can’t relate to who you are anymore, which is scary—but you don’t know what else to do. The Ritual of Becoming is not a magic wand, but it may help you find your way.


You have experienced enough ‘self-development’ programmes to know that they are mostly reductive pseudoscience and woo. At their worst, they are a predatory kind of capitalism—ergo, you are smart enough to steer clear of anything that has even the slightest whiff of charismatic ‘thought leadership’ to it. And yet—even though you are very well read—superficial forms of nihilism plague your life. You mightn’t believe me but: The Ritual of Becoming will help you fabricate new purpose and meaning in life—without compromising intellect or wit. (This is a metamodern programme in disguise.)


You have a deep connection to creativity and art. Or rather: you once did. Now, you seem to be living the life of a ‘shadow artist’—you support the work of others, but can’t commit to your own work. Cynicism pervades. You know that the sense of ‘lostness’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing (there’s a wisdom to the insecurity)—but still: you’re getting tired of the not-knowing. The Ritual of Becoming provides the structure and space for you to find your own growth.

Anyhoo—I hope you might like to sign up to The Character Handbook and benefit from The Ritual of Becoming as it is unfurled over the coming months. (◕‿◕✿)

And if you think others might benefit, maybe send them a link if you feel like it » 💚

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Thank you.


It’s good for me to revisit this. In this Year of the Bard I’d thought to cultivate enchantment by hosting more events and gatherings this year. This is kinda still happening—but thanks to the Rona such affairs are largely online and in the cozyweb. Still: it’s wondrous. There’s a different quality of intimacy and depth available in these modes, and I’m loving it. Speaking of…


Friends—we gather once more.

Happening in less than 24 hours »—> 8–9pm AEST (GMT +10). This casual-intimate hang will start with a brief musing-aloud from your fox wizard (in crowdcast) before we then convene in the Wizard Tower (and garden) via the vocal channel.
Register here so that you get the reminder »—>
I imagine it will look like this: 
~ 15 minutes of watching/listening to me sprout timely nonsense on crowdcast
~ followed by 45 minutes of chatting through notions in discord (with an extra 30 minutes of hang-time if anyone’s up for it).

We will explore:
~ the creation of a ‘publishing-posse’ (writing group)
~ the ‘vervaeke lecturefest’ (study group)
~ our next skulk (I have Ideas, which may involve you)

See you soon xox

PS: This skulk will mostly occur in The Wizard Tower (and garden). If you haven’t activated your invite yet, you can find it here— 
PPS: If you figure out how to join the Coterie I can then send you an invite to the Wizard Tower (and garden). But sign up to my other thing first (

It’s always so nice to write to you.