The Plump Fruits of Self-Sabotage

Efficacious musings on six (6) of the many ways in which we get in our own way.

What-ho friends: another museletter for you!

I’ve gone over the limit in this epistle what with all the wondrous illustrations from the dangerlam. Such goodness herein. Before we get to it, some quick updates:—



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A couple of months ago you might recall my declaration that I am giving The Ritual of Becoming away for free (whilst it gets teleported + updated). This adventure continues to unfurl. Two weeks ago I declared it to be ‘Self-Sabotage Week’—here be the fruits.

1.9 ~ Self Sabotage · Wherein we learn how (and why) we get in our own way.

1.10 ~ Procrastination · Wherein we find wisdom/peril in leaving things to the last minute.

1.11 ~ Perfectionism · Wherein we learn to embrace our own protosynthesis.

1.12 ~ Busyness · Wherein we succumb to a rich delusion of progress.

1.13 ~ Overcommitment · Wherein we say ‘yes’—and thus ‘no’—to everything.

1.14 ~ Environmental · Wherein we shape that which shapes us.

1.15 ~ Physiological · Wherein we remember our bodies.

That’s all from me. I am still serving as a keynote-provocateur, quest-facilitator and wizard-advisor in the virtual noösphere. If it’s meaningful progress you seek—especially amidst the uncharted and unknown—I have room in my spellbook for you. 🧙‍♂️