Museletter: web prancing

Also: the future of ‘professional speaking’, ‘how to be a metamodern thought leader wtf’, the independent solarpunk web, a very brief reference to an onion, and more.

Ahoy and what-ho my dear fellow mages and rogues.

It has been a wee while since I last wrote to you. Much has happened this past month. And yet also: not much at all (given stage-4 lockdown here in Naarm/Melbourne). Kim and I have become dab hands at cooking and plant watering.

Long-time subscribers to my sporadic epistles over the many years will have no doubt sensed my, uh, yearning for some sort of sabbatical. And it feels as though that time has come. For many of us.

Btw, welcome new subscribers: this is The Museletter of Dr Fox, delivered to you via The Unkindness of 11,000+ ravens, from the cozy candlelit atelier of my Wizard Tower.

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My diving-developer-druid painter-poet-friend Kevin McGillivray has made a new home for me in the noösphere. After what seems like years of working with developers who didn’t quite grasp the intentionally ‘sub-optimal’ dispositional qualities of my quest—it took a solarpunk-savvy friend to help me out. Kevin’s sense of ‘A Web Pattern Language’ articulates this wondrously, and I love this tweet he once twate:

Ergo, what you’ll see on my new site is not the resplendent propaganda I had previously postulated (which felt like a brochure)—but rather: something more like a domain of one’s own (which feels like a home). I relate to it like the beginnings of a new unfurling spellbook—a place to cultivate a body of work; a text renaissance.

I love it. There’s not much to see yet, for I have made a fresh start here: 95% clean slate—the very thing I wanted to do last year in my Year of the Fool. But stay tuned; worlds of wonder await. Meanwhile: subscribe to Kev’s writing. He’s an ongoing inspiration to me: a paragon-exemplar of the subtle-mythic sensibilities worth striving for.

Related: Check out The Life and Death of an Internet Onion before it decays (oh crap: it’s beginning to decay right now). 🧅 Also: Most designers and developers are trained for a cyberpunk world. It’s not their fault (it’s where the money is)—but there are myriad glimmers of hope for the independent solarpunk web as we transition to game~b. If you seek to refresh your relationship to your web-lyf, the creative independent is a great place for you to start (maybe here).


I am limiting myself to just one exclamation mark per epistle, and this is probably the most worthy. Finally—the 25+ video-modules-with-journalling-prompts for the cultivation of ‘Self-Knowledge’ primer for the ‘Choose One Word’ Ritual of Becoming is now (draftly) ‘done’. 

See the updated Table of Contents. Now might be a time for you to cultivate character, flourish into complexity, and find/fabricate new ‘motivation and meaning’ in life.

Enjoy it whilst I am foolishly making it free. (Sign up here).


Watch me speak with my erstwhile colleagues about The Future of ‘Professional Speaking’; read of my amused lament for how the cyberpunk forces of social media have subverted and supplanted the profession; and garner a sense of how to cultivate intimacy and rekindle enchantment in online gatherings. (Here’s the link).

This is a glimpse behind the scenes; me ‘talking shop’ in guild cant, candidly. 

At this point I probably ought point out that—whilst nothing will replace the magic of gathering in person—I am loving the intimacy and depth of online gatherings. It suits my disposition wondrously. For a fraction of my in-person summoning fee, you can have Dr Fox—Archwizard of Ambiguity (most fantastic)—join your team for thoughtful provocations, deep workshops, online-offsites or fireside sensemaking. 🦊🧡


Speaking of joyful fireside chats, I shall soon be joining Peter Limberg at the digital campfire of The Stoa to discuss how to be a metamodern “thought leader” wtf

Here’s the description I gave: 

“Learn how to cultivate and perpetrate a mythos that’ll allow you to smuggle philosophical sensibilities into the heart of Enterprise Land—without losing yourself in the process. Further: learn how to resist the echo-chamber of narcissism, and the myriad sirens that might lead you astray.” 

Registration is freehere’s the link. I’d love to have you there.

In world enamoured by glitz, hype and bullshit, The Stoa bring exquisitely deep and insightful conversations to the fore. Just recently, Tyson Yunkaporta (author of Sand Talk) had a generous yarn, and prior to that the James Carse (yes: of Finite and Infinite Games) shared a lovely chat with John Vervaeke (of Awakening from the Meaning Crisis). Verily, we are in a Golden Age of learning. 🧙‍♂️✨


I wrote a short post to serve as a reference point for those struggling to find their way into (and periodically out of) online group discussions. This form of dialogue exists somewhere between the casualness of group hangs and the formalness of print publications—and there are different relational sensibilities worth adopting, if you want the experience to feel energising (rather than enervating).


The Coterie of the Fox—a collective of complexity practitioners and philosopher poets—has now sidestepped/winked into the fey-penumbra. Becoming a donating supporter-subscriber was previously one of the few ways in which to gain access to this group, but now: it’s invite only.

In the meantime, I am renovating The Cleverness—my zephyrous noöspheric wizardwood solarpunk skyship. Soon, very soon, we shall be ready to set sail once more pon the nebulous seas of meaningness, complexity and emergence in our collective ever-quest for ‘meaningful progress’ and a world more curious and kind. 

Translation: The Cleverness shall soon be regular online gatherings, and maybe even sharing a trickster’s curriculum for complexity practitioners and philosopher-poets. Once I have this figured out, premium ‘subscriptions’ might be opened once more.


The Rewritea newsletter experiment by Meredith (of Systems Poetics). The premise: “Every day for the next week I will send out a daily email. The following week, every day I will send a rewrite of the email from 7 days ago. I am not sure how long I will do this. The first goal is one month.” Well: it has been one month and it has been abundantly wondrous. A serendipitous mix of mythical treats. See the first day. I have saved so many of these tab-spawning epistles to enjoy with a pot of tea. Thoroughly loved.

The landscape of management: Creating the context for understanding social complexity by Dave Snowden and Peter Stanbridge. Admittedly, this paper is 16 years old now; yet still the message needs to be heard today.

“… ‘fads’ are often over simplistic recipes put together in haste without thought or awareness of theory. There is also a strong tendency to claim universality for each new fad, driven by the business needs of consultancy firms and technology providers who evidence an almost evangelical zeal in their claims for the benefits of adopting the latest approach. In this they have been assisted by a strong anti-intellectual tradition in management which seeks simplistic approaches based on clear and idealistic outcomes.”

(Hat tips to Tim Kastelle for sharing this with me). One can but hope that These Times might encourage the cultivation of greater complexity savvy amongst us. We’ll need it.

Cancel culture and the limits of identity politics with Bayo Akomolafe. A deft, warm and—dare I say?—beautiful conversation exploring one of the most pressing, difficult and divisive topics of our times. I love the metamodern sensibilities at play here.