This is a museletter for independent thinkers who find themselves in positions of leadership and/or influence. It’s for those wise enough to know we know nothing—yet smart enough to know we ought sometimes act like we do, in fact, know something.

The Museletter benefits those seeking the wit and ways to better navigate complexity and change (transformation), so as to be a more effective imposter within the mythical ‘future of leadership’. Thusly, this museletter serves as a precursor to wisdom.

If you’re considering subscribing, I daresay you may like to know who I am and what this is all about. <lights wizard pipe>

Who is Dr Fox?

If you already know who I am, please scroll on. If not, then here’s me in a nutshell.

My name is Dr Jason Fox. In another time—before I went rogue—I was an academic researcher and science lecturer (systems and behaviour). Now I masquerade—quite convincingly—as ‘a motivational speaker and leadership advisor’. I am the author of a couple of bestselling books—my most recent being How to Lead a Quest—a guidebook for pioneering leaders. At heart, I am a deeply introverted wizard-philosopher on a quest to create a world more curious and kind.

My work sees me oscillate between speaking at large global conferences and working intimately with the senior leadership teams of Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, universities, research organisations and social enterprises (see here). I synthesise contemporary thinking in the nebulous domains of quest leadership, metamodern philosophy, motivation design and character development—so as to assist those seeking meaningful progress amidst complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt.

I share much of this thinking with you here, in this museletter.

The Museletter

My museletters come to you, via raven, from the quiet and cosy candlelit atelier of my wizard tower, which rests within the heart of an owl-laden dark forest (home to psionic fennec foxes and verdant moss), atop a floating island amidst a hidden pocket of time-space folded deep within the noösphere.

My work tends to resonate with business leaders, thinkers, philosophers, artists (and the various sleeper agents nestled within large enterprises). This may appeal to you if:

  • you relish in ‘both/and’ paradox—you don’t mind the odd bit of magical realism, ironic sincerity, future nostalgia, true fiction and knowing naïveté;

  • you enjoy the occasional bout of confounding linguistic periphrasis, and you care about erudition (the cultivation of worldly intelligence without rudeness);

  • you prefer intellectual honesty to charismatic hucksterism (and you are deeply suspicious of neat narratives, quick fixes and unwavering conviction);

  • you know that ‘genuine thought leadership’ is suspect and counter-intuitive to conventional narratives—but hoho: you consider it anyway (knowing that—with curiosity, courage and meta-rational wit—you may be able to assimilate such thinking into a form that is both useful and apt);

  • you are looking to build influence and develop as a leader, knowing full-well how hollow and self-serving this might sound—and yet, humbly: you seek a meaningful equivalent (something I might call ‘character development’); and/or

  • you likewise seek to create a world more curious and kind.

If some of this sounds like you, then you might like to subscribe. I can’t promise you ‘Instant Ultra Success’—but you may well become much savvier about ‘the future of leadership’ (as seen through the lens of an almost-practical philosopher). Together we shall foray heartily through complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt—so as to obtain the freshest, darkest and most dubious fruits of ‘wisdom’ for our combined edification and delight.

Over 11,000 fine folk subscribe to The Museletter. And you’d be welcome company.

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The Coterie of The Fox

I also offer all who sign up to The Museletter an invitation to become a supporter by joining the ‘The Coterie of The Fox’ for $99 a year (aud) or 11 coins a month.

The ‘fox’ in this instance doesn’t refer to me specifically; that is, hoho, but a self-flattering coincidence. It instead refers to the mythical archetype of the fox, and all it represents.

Have you heard of The Dark Forest Theory of The Internet by Yancey Strickler? To quote:

“The internet is becoming a dark forest. In response to the ads, the tracking, the trolling, the hype, and other predatory behaviours, we’re retreating to our dark forests of the internet, and away from the mainstream... These [dark forests] are all spaces where depressurised conversation is possible because of their non-indexed, non-optimised, and non-gamified environments.”

The Coterie is a collection of complexity practitioners who embrace open-ended curiosity in the shared ever-quest for a future less dark. And you would be most welcome company.

Much like a coffeehouse, speakeasy or saloon, the Coterie is curiosity and camaraderie gathered around thinking-in-draft. Together we explore the emerging new challenges of ‘quest-leadership’*—personally and professionally. I also share with you the various nuanced/practical heuristics I hold in ‘the business of change’ as an independent wizard-for-hire.

* My very nebulous term to describe ‘the pursuit of emerging relevance, beyond the default’. Stuff that has us working in uncharted territory, beyond the edge of knowledge.

You can sign up to The Museletter for free—forever—and that’d be wondrous. You’ll receive exquisite musings, provocations and recommended reads, all neat and fab.

But if you work in the space of leadership and change—either within an organisation (as an executive, intrapreneur or sleeper agent) or externally (as an independent consultant or ‘public intellectual’)—you can join The Coterie of The Fox by becoming a donating subscriber.

Doing so grants you:

  • My deepest appreciation and warmest regard—useless as currency but nice;

  • A key to my library—giving you full access to the archive (including vintage);

  • Supporter-only posts—in addition to the ~fortnightly museletter all free sign ups receive, you’ll also get ~fortnightly behind-the-scenes insight into ‘the business of change’ (awkward/insightful/practical), among Other Things;

  • Your very own (metaphorical) wizard pipe—giving you the ability to pontificate with fellow bright minds, at the edge of knowledge (you can comment on posts and participate in subscriber-only conversation threads);

  • Free access to the monthly Skulk—intimate online gatherings for sense-making (and sharing a whisky or tea);

  • First (and sometimes exclusive) invites to new programmes, events and so forth—you’ll hear about it in the coterie before it is mentioned anywhere else;

  • Private podcasts—occasional unpolished and unedited attempts to answer your questions, along with explanations of new models and heuristics;

  • An exclusive invitation to The Wizard Tower (and garden)—our little patch of warmth amidst the cozyweb; a private discord community (and pretty much the main perk of becoming a supporter of The Coterie); and

  • Good company—my work tends to attract clever folk full of heart, wisdom and wit (wizards, mages, tricksters, rogues, jesters, enchanters, illusionists, consultants, speakers, facilitators, leaders, writers, artists, druids, poets, bards, doppelgängers, spell-thieves, super-villains, coaches, philosophers, and so on). You’ll get to know each other via the Skulk-gatherings and our cozyweb discord community.

Actually: that last point is a good one. Our folk don’t tend to flock or ‘tribe’ well. Unlike hedgehogs, us foxes have no particular ideology as a solid reference point—we are instead mercurial, fluid and meta-rational in our disposition. We draw insight from multiple sources, updating our stance situationally with whatever heuristics best serve.

It’s difficult to categorise or place us, and thus we can be hard to find. We oft dwell in the penumbra, masking ourselves to seemingly play along with the games of more finite players. And yet we’re not playing for power, or to ‘win’—we’re playing to continue the play.* Why? Possibly: to create a world more curious and kind.

* I am of course alluding to Finite and Infinite Games by J.P. Carse. “Only that which can change can continue: this is the principle by which infinite players live”.

The thought of becoming a supporter of my work ought appeal to you surreptitiously. The option is here for you. (Thank you.)


Frequently Asked Question

» Wait: what can I expect for my dollars?
Erm well it’s a donation—so it’s best to give freely and expect nothing (knowing that your support is warmly appreciated). Having said that: you’ll hear more from me, and have access to the conversations and emergent thinking I wouldn’t share anywhere else. Sometimes it might be practical insights into how you might deliver a keynote or host an off-site. Other times, I might be answering one of your questions, synthesising insight from the meta-patterns I’m seeing, sharing draft chapters from my next book, or waxing philosophical to you about a pertinent vex. Who knows! I want to have fun with this (and for you to enjoy it, too).

I’ve noticed this thing that happens when (some) executives, intrapreneurs, sleeper agents, independent consultants, artists, authors, and/or public intellectuals get together for a night—we talk about all sorts of things. Things many of us wouldn’t dare talk of at work or in public. The dark, dangerous, deviant, and/or draft (and sometimes daft) thinking. The inklings and hunches that imbibe work with new possibility, imagination and richness. Becoming a supporter gives you access to a good simulacrum of this.

These are turbulent times we’re in for—together, individually and collectively. What you and I need are not simplistic (frequently-given) answers or comfortable truths, but rather: the perspicacity, alacrity and wit to thrive amidst the unfurling complexity, stagnation and change we find ourselves amidst. And to help others in doing so, too. Your donation and support helps me invest more time writing for the wider world and you get to benefit from access to the conversations in the shadows, as a member of The Coterie of The Fox.*:・゚✧

» Can I gift somebody special a subscription?
Oh how lovely of you! This can be easily be done via the link below (and thank you so much for your support 💚).

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